Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

The pizza - a world-famous Italian specialty

The history of the coveted pizza
The origin of the word "pizza" is still a mystery. Two different derivations from Latin is discussed. For one, comes from the Latin verb "pinsere" in question, which is "baked" in a broader sense means. On the other is the Latin noun "picea" close. This is the Greek word "pitta", the flatbread ajar.
The forerunner of the Italian pizza is the quiche, which is still being consumed even as numerous. The first classic Italian pizza in the 18th Prepared century.This pizza was exclusively with fresh tomatoes (today is the pizza with a spicy tomato sauce, garnished), oregano, basil and olive oil used. Since the pizza is baked at very high temperatures, and many residents had at that time did not have these furnaces, the prefabricated pizza was brought to the bakers in the village.
In the 19th Century, the popular pizza in the United States. After the 2nd World War II was finally announced the specialty in Europe. Since the 1950s, there are in the U.S. pizza chains like Pizzahut. From 1983, this fast-food restaurants also established in Europe. Finally, in the 60's came the frozen pizza, which has purely to do nothing with the traditionally made pizza, on the market.

Preparation of a traditional pizza
A classic pizza - as we know - is made of a yeast dough, which is made from flour, water, yeast, salt and a little olive oil. The dough is then allowed to go to the top overnight. The preparations are completed, the dough rolled out thin, or how it would make a talented pizza chef, will only widen and then left the air circuits. Busy is the pizza with tomatoes or a tomato sauce, cheese and choice ingredients. Then the pizza is baked at 400-500 degrees Celsius just minutes in a traditional cupola furnace. Nowadays, there is a very large range of possible coverings: vegetarian options, those with meat or fish or seafood.

The Pizzeria
Many people love pizza and the pizza is a popular haven Out. If a pizza is cooked and traditionally, they can be a gourmet experience. The restaurants often offer a nice atmosphere and the Italian culture is deeply implicated with.
When visiting a pizzeria one is already at the entrance of a beautiful Pavement, which celebrates the specialty pizza of the evening, ready to collect. The staff accompanied the guests to one of the wooden tables and already immersed in the Italian atmosphere. Is one of the most delicious pizzas chosen, can also quickly the Italian taste experience to be enjoyed. Upon leaving the restaurant can be found at the entrance still a brochure stand with menus, which can be taken home. Its delicious pizzas being delivered in the home.